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Dream Analysis and Interpretation
(In person, by phone or email) Dreams speak to us metaphorically. I analyze and interpret your dream by dissecting the dream word-by-word and phrase-by-phrase to get to the heart of the message.

Click below to listen to my discussion of dreams on the radio program "Evolve with Tzima".

Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. Where we place furniture, objects and other possessions in our dwelling affect the energy. Feng Shui raises the energy in your space and thus your life. Beginning with an in home (or business) assessment, I then share my vision for your space and we proceed at a pace that's right for you.
A Spirit Cleansing, to start, is recommended but not necessary-See below.

"I hired Val Ryan to do a House Cleansing and Feng Shui [my] house. I am happy to say Val's work is very good. I found it fun to follow her simple instructions for improving "Chi" (energy). The house did become a home. I am an energetic Chiropractor, and am sensitive to energies myself. What a wonderful thing to have Val come into [the] house and work her magic on it!

- Louise Cash, DC, CAC - 18 May 2006

Life Coaching
I can put you in touch with your soulís purpose and help you make a plan to achieve your dreams. I will help you attain:
    Personal Goals
    Career Goals
    Organizational Skills
    Overcoming Pet Peeves
Birth Chart - A birth chart gives you insight into your personality and allows you to better access the energy you were born with to manifest what you want.

Comparison Chart - Comparison charts explore the energies within a relationship to create more meaningful partnerships. Good for any relationship; spouse, business partner, mother/daughter, etc.

Fate Chart (3 sessions) - A fate chart shows the nine and eighteen year cycles from your past in order to help you better understand how to approach the challenges that lay ahead. A birth chart is required.

Medium Reading - $135.00/hr.
Contact your loved ones who have passed, your spirit guides, and past lives. If you have a photo of someone with whom you'd like to connect, it can be helpful to the process, but isn't necessary. From my end, whether your reading is in person or by phone, the energy is the same and does not change the effectiveness of the reading.

Spirit Cleansing
We're surrounded by benign (and sometimes stubborn) entities that can get stuck in your dwelling or are attached to the land. A Home or Office Cleansing clears the spiritual energy and opens it up to you. As I cleanse your home or office, you have the option of following me and I'll teach you how to cleanse it.

Spirit Connections - $35.00
I conduct quarterly groups in my home in Columbia, SC where I connect people with their passed loved ones, their spirit guides and past lives. You are encouraged to bring a photo of someone you'd like to contact. It's not necessary, but can be helpful in the process. We'll discuss the process and I'll open the floor to your questions, helping you to make contact on your own.

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"I have always wondered about my father. I lost him when I was 5 years old. I have no memories of him... Val introduced me to him through Spirit Connections and since then, I've learned more about my father than I ever dreamed! I am so grateful for Spirit Connections and Val Ryan."

-Beth, wife and mother

    Host Your Own Gathering - Spirit Connections
    Fee is by estimate
    If you know six or more individuals who'd be interested and you'd like to host Spirit Connections in your home or other suitable location, I'll bring Spirit Connections to you anywhere in South Carolina. Fee is by estimate based on dates, times and travel.
    Click here for more information on hosting your own SPIRIT CONNECTIONS .
Tarot Reading - $135.00/hr.
I work with the Motherpeace Tarot which uses universal symbolism to break through illusion so you can make informed choices for your future. Motherpeace works on a three month basis, so quarterly readings are optimal.

All Service Fees are generally based on my hourly rate of $135.00. However, each fee is estimated to include or exclude any particulars for that service, such as travel expenses or other necessities.

Payment accepted in Cash, by Check or Money Order. PayPal not available yet.
Quoted fees are for 2014-2015 and are subject to change.
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