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Spirit Connections
$35.00/per person

I conduct quarterly groups in my home in Columbia, SC where I connect people with their loved ones who have passed, their spirit guides and past lives. You are encouraged to bring a photo of someone you'd like to contact. It's not necessary, but can be helpful in the process. We'll discuss the process and I'll open the floor to your questions, helping you to make contact on your own.

Spirit Connections is my gift to the community. The fee is simply to cover expenses. My goal with this quarterly group is to introduce the understanding of spirit communication in a casual atmosphere. It is not my intent to change anyone's mind and skeptics are welcome. Come experience a couple of hours of spirit communication and take from it what you will.


"I have always wondered about my father. I lost him when I was 5 years old. I have no memories of him... Val introduced me to him through Spirit Connections and since then, I've learned more about my father than I ever dreamed! I am so grateful for Spirit Connections and Val Ryan."
Beth - wife and mother

"Spirit Connections is the biggest bang for your spiritual buck!"
Cassie Barber - Clinical Instructor, Grassroots Children's Activist

"A dear friend was taken from this life far too early and I missed her for 20 years. With Val Ryan's help, I discovered that she had never fully crossed over into the light and was wandering lost in the spirit world. Val was able to speak with my friend and help her cross. I feel her around me always, and I know she is finally at peace. Words cannot express my gratitude to Val Ryan."
Claudia W. - Information and Graphic Artist

Host Your Own Gathering - Spirit Connections
Fee is by estimate

If you know six or more individuals who'd be interested and you'd like to host
Spirit Connections in your home or other suitable location, I'll bring Spirit Connections to you anywhere in South Carolina. Invite like-minded individuals, make it a family affair or share with an established group. Fee is by estimate based on dates, times and travel. Sample fee rate can be found below under Guidelines for Hosting Spirit Connections.

GUIDELINES for Hosting Spirit Connections

If you live in South Carolina and would like to host your own gathering of Spirit Connections, here's how it works:
    Spirit Connections is for people who are interested in communicating with spirits that are in the Light. I can connect you with your loved ones who have passed, your spirit guides and past lives. I work well with photos, so if you have them it can help the process, but aren't necessary.
    I suggest inviting at least eight to ten people to ensure you get the minimum of six. If you only invite six, some will confirm and then be unable to attend or have to cancel at the last minute. This is understandable, things come up.
    You may invite as many people as you like there is no maximum, the more the merrier. This will however add to the time, so we'll have to adjust the fee accordingly.
    Most people host in their homes, but if you have a larger group or another meeting place, that's fine too. I did a Spirit Connections at a lady's place of business with eighteen people and it was a great success.
    Hosted Spirit Connections are usually scheduled for a Saturday night from 7:00 to 10:00pm, as this is often the best time for most people and their guests. However, date and time are flexible and can be scheduled day or evening. Generally, it runs for three hours with a break in the middle when the host provides a snack. Some go all out on the food, but that's completely up to you.
    You'll need at least six people to host a gathering. If you have fewer than six, you have two options: invite them to one of my regular monthly groups in Columbia, SC or, you can schedule a separate Mini-Spirit Connections gathering at my place. The fee for a separate gathering is by estimate.
FEE for Hosted Spirit Connections
    The fee for your guests is by estimate and based upon time, travel and expenses and what you and I decide is appropriate. For a smaller group, the individual fee will be higher. A larger group allows for more room to negotiate.
    For instance, let's say you live in Greenville, SC and have six guests. The fee would be $125.00 per person. If you live in Columbia and have 10 guests, the fee would be more like $50.00 per person. (These are estimates for 2019 and subject to change).
For more information, details, questions and a rate quote, contact me at or 803.750.7117.

Payment accepted in Cash, by Check or Money Order. PayPal not available yet.
Quoted fees are for 2019 and are subject to change.
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