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October 12, 2008

      I watched the Lifetime movie The Five People You Meet In Heaven last night and then had a great dreamscape, meeting one of my five people, Rod Davis. As many of you know, I'm a HUGE Beatles and John Lennon fan. One thing I've always wanted to know is what it was like to hang around with John in the days before they became famous. So much so that I even have a half written screenplay called Get Back about time traveling back there. John's first band in high school was called The Quarry Men and one of it's members was Rod Davis. I met Rod Davis and the rest of the Quarry Men in August, 1999 at a Beatlefest in Orlando, FL.

The Quarrymen playing their first full performance in Rosebery Street, Liverpool.
From left to right: Hanton, Griffiths, Lennon, Garry, Shotton, and Davis

      The Quarry Men performed their skiffle music just as they did in the 50's with washboards, spoons and the like. The line up was the same, sans John of course, Pete Shotton, Len Garry, Rod Davis, Eric Griffiths and Colin Hanton (on drums). I hadn't realized when I decided to go to this Beatlefest (the first and last they've done in FL) that the Quarry Men would be there. I always go through a program line by line, so it was strange that I missed this entry.

      My brother Fred and I spent a wonderful day at the festival which included my taking part in a Beatles Trivia Contest, (answering five questions correctly, but missing a few in the final round. We got our picture taken crossing Abby Road with cardboard cut outs of John, Paul, George and Ringo. I got my umpteenth copy of Pete Shotton's book In My Life (about his life as John's friend beginning in elementary school). And then we topped off the day with the performance by The Quarry Men (which included extemporaneous banter about their days with John and the band).

      And then, as Fred and I walked out the doors of the convention center into the scorching light and heat of that day, there they were, standing by the door smoking, the boyhood friends of John Lennon. They must've run off stage and out of the building, not being used to our no smoking laws.

      I was dumbstruck. Pete was closest to the door and I said hello and told him that I got another copy of his book and explained that I've given out at least six copies to friends over the years and that it's still the best read for those wanting to know the basics. I know we talked for a bit, but I can't remember anything else I said, only that I was stumbling over my words. I couldn't believe I was meeting them. I was in awe. It wasn't until we were in the car driving back to Fred's that he told me what was said, including Len Garry saying as we parted, "Thank Yu Luv" in that Liverpudlian way. As I write this, those feelings coming rushing back as if it were a dream. And speaking of dreams...

      In my dream last night, I was told that Rod Davis is one of the five people I will meet in heaven. I know that Pete Shotton passed a few years ago but I don't know if Rod is still with us or not. Either way, apparently, he will give me that long awaited tour of 1950's Liverpool when I cross. Talk about dreams coming true.

      For those interested, Lifetime will run an encore presentation of The Five People You Meet In Heaven on Saturday, October 25th @ 6pm. So, tune in, set your VCR's and DVR's and enjoy. May your experience be as mystical as mine.

All you need is love, Val

P.S. Thank you John!

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